poly leader

fly fish fly line poly leader
8ft 10lbs
with one welded loop
with leader

fly fish fly line backing
size 20lbs,25lbs and 30lbs
length 50yds,100yds,110yds
packing in spool
color: white,fluo yellow and chartruese

Fly fishing line
Manufactured with our advanced computer controlled production system to achieve the different tappering profiles to meet the diverse needs of fly fishermen world wide.

Special taper design and different core cover formulations make for a consistant, precise and accutrate cast under any condition.

Fly lines available as:
(WF) Weight Forward,
(DT) Double Taper,
(WWF) multi profile weight forward
(WF-X) weight forward extra presentation
(L) Level taper,
(SH) Shooting taper

Available in Floating,intermediate and Sinking Line
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