Water crayon's application method?
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Water crayon's application method?

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Can simultaneously draw likely the pencil same line with the water color same effect painting instrument is the water crayon. The application method is quite simple, is the same with the ordinary pencil, after picture good, with the pen which gets wet in above smudges, the color will dissolve. If gets wet directly with the color pencil's pen department the picture, may draw the very agile line. May mix the color freely in the picture, is the water crayon biggest charm. However, when smudges in the picture with the watery pen the color, the color will mix mixes, has the unexpected result. Everybody may use has a look, to feel that the strange color which produces under the accidental condition. Besides water used, but may also use the soapy water, the artificial turpentine will also produce the very good results.

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